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eStatement FAQs


eStatement FAQs

When do fees for paper statements begin?

Beginning December 1, 2021, members who receive paper statements will incur a fee of $3.00 per statement. The fee will not appear until January  2, 2022.

How can I avoid fees for statements?

Members who sign up for eStatements will incur no fees. Online statements are free to all members and sign-up is available within Online Banking or Mobile Banking.  Members 70 years of age and older and Youth Savings Accounts will not be charged a fee for paper statements.  

Will new accounts set up after December 1, 2021 incur fees?

It is important to register for Online Banking and sign up for eStatements after an account is opened. New accounts will have a 60-day grace period to register for eStatements before incurring fees for paper statements.

What are eStatements?

eStatements are digital versions of all your credit union statements, these include: checking and deposit account statements, loan notices, mortgage summaries held by Oklahoma Central Credit Union and all revolving credit lines including home equity and personal lines of credit. Detailed accounts of all transactions and balances can be viewed in PDF format.

How do eStatements work?

eStatements are made available through Oklahoma Central Credit Union’s secure Online or Mobile Banking service. To login to Online Banking you will need a PIN. This PIN was set when you opened your account but can be reset by calling (800) 444-6228. Once you login to Online Banking, you’ll see a menu of options at the top; click on eDocuments and then eStatements. On your first visit, you’ll be asked to accept the eStatement Agreement and guided through the sign-up process. Each month you will be notified via email when your statements are ready for viewing online. It’s that easy.

Is there a cost for eStatements?

No, eStatements and Online Banking are available to members free of charge.

Will I still receive a paper statement in the mail?

Once you sign up for eStatements you will no longer receive paper statements and loan notices via the U. S. Postal Service.

Can I get a paper copy of my statement if I need it?

Yes, while your eStatements are available in printable PDF form, you may request a copy of any deposit statement or loan  statement. A Statement Copy Fee will be charged as set forth by Oklahoma Central Credit Union’s Fee Schedule.

Are eStatements secure?

Yes, your eStatements are stored on the credit union’s secure server and protected by your Online Banking PIN and encryption. Oklahoma Central Credit Union is committed to keeping your account information secure; we constantly monitor our network and conduct regular security audits.

How do I change my password?

It is always a good idea to periodically change your password. Simply login to Online Banking and click on My Settings in the top-right menu. Under Login & Security, click on “Edit” next to Password. If you feel your PIN has been compromised in any way, contact Oklahoma Central Credit Union immediately. We will take measures to secure your account. You may also have your PIN reset by calling our Call Center at (800) 444-6228.

What do I do if my email address changes?

You may update your email address by clicking on My Settings and edit next to Primary Email Address within your personal information profile.

When will my eStatements be available in Online and Mobile Banking?

All your statements will be made available no later than the 2nd business day of the month.

How long will my eStatements remain online?

You will have access to at least one year’s worth of eStatements and prior-year tax information.

How do I cancel eStatements?

To cancel eStatements all you need to do is tell us. Contact us at (800) 444-6228 and we will discontinue sending you email notifications and resume mailing your statements via the U.S. mail. Please note, receiving a paper statement will incur a fee of $3.00.


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