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Overdraft Protection

There are three types of Overdraft Protection available:


Share Transfer

Share Transfer Overdraft Protection guards members’ accounts against returned items by automatically transferring funds from another Oklahoma Central account.

  • Has to be set up by the member and a representative from Oklahoma Central
  • Funds are automatically transferred to cover insufficient items
  • Fees may apply

Overdraft Protection Line of Credit

An Overdraft Protection Line of Credit is a loan used to avoid bounced checks and declined debit card purchases by automatically transferring funds from the line of credit into the members’ checking account.

  • Loan limits from $1,000 - $5,000
  • Competitive rates
  • Low monthly payments, no prepayment penalty
  • $24 Annual fee

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Courtesy Pay

Our Courtesy Pay program is extended to members who maintain their membership accounts in good standing. This program helps protect your account and reputation when an inadvertent overdraft occurs. The transaction is paid into the negative and a $25 fee charged to the account.

  • Available 60 days from account opening
  • Insufficient funds fees of $25 per transaction do apply
  • Available on personal checking accounts
  • Member must be 18 years of age or older

Overdraw limits

  • Access Checking: $100
  • Carefree Checking: $500
  • Momentum Checking: $750
  • Smart Relationship Checking: $750


Courtesy Pay is non-contractual and discretionary. It is not an Oklahoma Central obligation and we may refuse to provide the service on any personal checking account at any time and from time to time. Oklahoma Central may remove Courtesy Pay from any account without notice. Courtesy pay is not available on commercial accounts. Insufficient funds fee of $25 will be assessed with each covered transaction. Accounts maintaining a negative balance for 45 days will be closed.


You may revoke Courtesy Pay at any time by calling us at 918.664.6000 or 800.444.6228; coming into one of our branches or writing us. You may cancel Courtesy Pay entirely, which means no transactions that overdraw your checking account will be paid. However, once this service is removed, if an item is presented for payment and there are insufficient funds in your account, the item will be returned to the payee and our standard NSF per item fee will be charged to your account.


Federal regulations require that you make a conscious decision about Courtesy Pay for two specific types of transactions on your checking account – ATM withdrawals and one-time debit card transactions. When you obtain an ATM or debit card, we ask you if you want to “opt in” to Courtesy Pay protection for these two types of transactions. If you opt in, we may pay these two types of transactions rather than decline the transactions, and we will charge a Courtesy Pay fee.

Transactions may not be processed in the order in which they occurred. This is especially true for check clearings and debit card transactions which may take varying amounts of time for presentment through the payment systems. In an effort to minimize the number of returned items, we process the daily check clearings from the smallest to the largest dollar items.

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