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Oklahoma Central Credit Union strives daily to understand our community and exceed member expectations.  Everything we do is meant to encourage purpose - empowering people to lead full and successful lives.  Here, we listen to our members share their financial life stories.   

What are our customers saying...


Travis, a long-time Oklahoma Central Credit Union member, shares his story about improving his credit score and overall financial health. With a little guidance from Mandi, his member representative, he was able to take his credit score from a 515 to 800. With dedication and hard work, Travis is now successfully building a business.



Car trouble is the worst! What if that car trouble saved money every month?

Erin’s car broke down in an ATM drive-through at Oklahoma Central Credit Union. What now? She wasted no time, walked into the branch and consulted with Jesaka, her financial member representative. After discussing Erin’s finances, Jesaka developed a customized debt consolidation plan to make room for a new car payment and save Erin money each month. When the unexpected life event happens, we’re here to help.


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