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Member Stories

Oklahoma Central Credit Union strives daily to understand our community and exceed member expectations. Everything we do is meant to encourage purpose - empowering people to lead full and successful lives. Here, we listen to our members share their financial life stories.

What are our customers saying...

Broken Arrow North

Watch to learn about how Oklahoma Central Credit Union is helping the Broken Arrow community!

Opal's New Home

Oklahoma Central Credit Union made Opal's dream of owning a home more attainable! Learn more about our mortgage loans!

Andrew's Home Upgrade

Andrew made his house a home with a little help from Oklahoma Central Credit Union - you can do the same with a home equity loan! Get an upgrade by using your home's value.

Lauren's First House

Follow Lauren and her family's First Time Home Buyer experience! To learn more about the Oklahoma Central First Time Home Buyer program, click here.

All in the Family Business

Find out how Jeremy and his family supported their small business with Oklahoma Central's help (and how you can too)!

Financial Capability with Banzai

Promoting financial capability is a core mission of all credit unions - Oklahoma Central is no different. We're proud to share financial education modules for everyone through our partners at Banzai!


Melissa Fugate was able to consolidate her credit card debt with an Oklahoma Central signature loan - now she can spend more time with her grandkids instead of working 2 jobs! Join Melissa on her road to financial freedom and learn more about our personal loans.


Meet Dr. Chloe Bradway, DVM, a young veterinarian who got a head start in her studies thanks to the Oklahoma Central Foundation. She was one of our 2016, 2017 and 2018 Foundation Scholarship winners and her hard work paid off! To learn more about our scholarship program, visit our Scholarship page.


Learn about how Tina is giving back to help students in her home village, with financing from Oklahoma Central Credit Union.


Cassie made the most of this summer! Find out how she and her family used an Oklahoma Central Home Equity Loan to build their dream pool.

Steve and Dawn

Oklahoma Central members Steve and Dawn went on a life-changing adoption journey - but needed help bringing Braylee into her forever family. Watch to learn how they found support in their adoption process through a loan from Oklahoma Central Credit Union.


When Ashley and her husband decided to move to Alaska, they thought they would have to leave all the comforts of home behind, including their credit union. Little did they know that through the Shared Branching network, they were able to keep their membership at Oklahoma Central. They could go into any shared credit union branch and conduct business just as if they were at their local Oklahoma Central branch.


Bobby works hard daily to keep his local auto collision repair and restoration business thriving and growing. It's seasonal work, so when things slow down in the winter months, signature loans through Oklahoma Central help maintain operations as they gear up for the busy spring and summer months. With the help of Oklahoma Central, Bodies by Bobby continues to grow and expand, providing valuable auto body services to the community.


Laura and her family suffered immeasurable loss to their homes, vehicles, land, and livestock during the 2019 Oklahoma flood. As they picked up the pieces little by little, the ease of securing auto loans through Oklahoma Central helped relieve a portion of the burden. We'll let Laura tell you how.


Car trouble is the worst! What if that car trouble saved money every month?

Erin’s car broke down in an ATM drive-through at Oklahoma Central Credit Union. What now? She wasted no time, walked into the branch and consulted with Jesaka, her financial member representative. After discussing Erin’s finances, Jesaka developed a customized debt consolidation plan to make room for a new car payment and save Erin money each month. When the unexpected life event happens, we’re here to help.

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