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5 Great Budgeting Apps for Your Smartphone

We have come to depend more and more on our smartphones and other devices to keep up with friends and family members. While nearly all financial institutions offer some form of online banking however, what is often missing is budgeting.

Budgets can help us do a better job of money management and can be as important as saving money. We have found some of the best budgeting applications that tie in with your mobile banking and allow you to track your expenses.


Blog 5 Great Budgeting Apps for Your Smartphone

Whether you are tracking daily expenses such as coffee or bus fare or you need help tracking recurring expenses like car and mortgage payments this app will provide you with the perfect platform. When you stop at your local coffee shop, simply scan in your receipt and categorize the expense. You will get a visual display that shows your daily, weekly and monthly spending as well as a comparison. You can also get a monthly summary that shows your top expenditures. The information in this app is easily exported to help you with taxes and many other financial needs. The application is free to use on iPhones.

Level Money

This application allows you to track bank and credit card account information in one easy to use place. Available for Android and iPhone devices, you can predict your monthly spending and savings goals, see all of your transactions at a glance and more. You can also customize categories if you wish to track specific spending habits over a month or a year. The best feature of this app is you always know exactly how much money you have available to spend.


This free application is available for Android, iPhone and Amazon based devices. The application allows you to easily connect all of your financial information in one spot. This includes credit cards, checking and savings accounts and investments. Not only does this app allow you to easily budget your money but it also can help you keep track of your credit scores. When you set up your budget, Mint will show you exactly how much money you have left in each category so you know what you can spend for the month.

Nickle Tracker

If you are concerned about going outside your budget, this Android-based app may provide the answer. This is an “envelope-based”, free budgeting application. You set your budget and if you spend more than you budgeted, the amount shows up in red to warn you about your spending and to indicate your “envelope” is empty. Information is easily exported to a spreadsheet for creating profit and loss statements and more.


If you are interested in keeping track of where, when, what, why and how much money you are spending, this convenient, easy to use app is for you. Available in both iPhone and Android versions, you can easily track all of your spending, scan receipts and address all your money management needs. No second guessing, no complicated settings, just a simple to use, seamless application that integrates your finances. Unlike many counterparts, it is not only free but it contains no obtrusive advertising.

Budgeting is necessary for everyone. Not only does budgeting allow you to keep track if your spending but if you are trying to save money to buy a home or car, it is the best way to achieve your financial goals. At Oklahoma Central Credit Union, we strive to always provide our members with the tools they need to manage their accounts. Call a Member Financial Representative today to learn more about our online banking and other money management services.

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