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9 Ways to Ball on a Budget on New Year’s

Party at your place

Blog 9 Ways to Ball on a Budget on New Year

Hosting at your house or apartment not only saves money, it’s also more comfortable for both you and your guests. Also, if anyone needs to sleep it off, they have somewhere to crash if they need to.

Eat in.

Instead of spending $20-$30 per person on just food at a restaurant, eat in and ask everyone to bring their favorite dish and make it a potluck. Create a theme around dinner.

Make it a VIP only event.

Keeping the guest list limited can not only save you money by reducing the amount of food and drinks you need to buy but can also create a more intimate feel.

Eating at the table? Make it fun and don’t tie yourself down with a theme.

If you decide to host a gathering, feel free to expand outside of one color scheme or theme. Mix and match antique or vintage with new. Mix bold patterns with solid colors.

BYOB or BYFD (Bring Your Favorite Drink)

Alcohol is one of the biggest expenses for a New Year’s Eve party, but you can lower the cost by asking everyone to bring their favorite drink. This can even allow some guests to try some new drinks they may not have had the chance to try before.

Don’t drink and drive.

Ask in advance how everyone who has been drinking plans to get safely back home. Is someone a designated driver? Or can guests crash at your place for the night? Don’t wait until 1 a.m. to decide how to handle a guest who isn’t fit to drive home. Check out these ridesharing services who can help those get home who aren’t able to drive themselves: Uber, Lyft.

Say Cheese!

What’s more entertaining than a photo booth? However, renting a booth can be expensive. Instead make up your own by designating an area for your guests get their best selfie. Hang a sheet for a backdrop and have a bin of props (the dollar store or Amazon are great resources for hats, big glasses, etc) for your friends to use. An app such as Pocketbooth will let them print and mail pics.

10,9,8,7…Happy New Year!

Finally, the highlight of the night is when the clock strikes midnight. Decide in advance how you will highlight the moment. Will you turn on the TV and watch the ball drop? Or do your own countdown? Cue up the traditional song “Auld Lang Syne” ready to play as you ring in 2017.

Slumber party!

Slumber parties never go out of style. In fact, it might be a good idea considering the amount of people who will drink and drive on New Year’s. Plan an overnight party where guests can wear their finest (or most comfy) pajamas. Plan a breakfast in the morning to include all your favorite cereals from when you were kids. The important part is to be creative and have fun!

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