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Free Credit Score, Report and Monitoring

SavvyMoney Credit Score gives you real-time updates of your credit score and credit report. In addition, you can set up credit monitoring to alert you to any changes to your report. This FREE feature is available behind the security of Online Banking (desktop and mobile).

SavvyMoney FAQ's


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In this age of data breaches, we have your back – knowledge is power! If you’ve ever wondered how your credit score is doing, what you could do to improve it, or how to monitor your credit report…now’s the time to learn. Sign up today!

How do I sign up?

  1. Log in to Online Banking. Not enrolled? Start here.
  2. Click on the graphic showing the average credit score in your neighborhood.
  3. Answer a few questions to verify your identity
  4. Your score and report will appear

You will only have to go through these steps the first time you use SavvyMoney. From then on your score will be displayed when you login to online banking.

To access SavvyMoney from the Oklahoma Central Mobile App, click on the "More" tab and select "Credit Score."

Credit Score - Savvy Money

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