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Stay-At-Home Banking and How to Do It

While so many Americans have been staying indoors, it might feel like their finances are on lockdown. In fact, online banking options make it more convenient than ever to practice social distancing.


walletRecent events due to COVID-19 have changed how we approach many of the things we previously took for granted. Banking is among them. During this time of financial uncertainty, it is understandable to be concerned about your money and your ability to access it.

In practicing social distancing, you might not be comfortable going to your local bank or community-focused credit union. In fact, some branches may be temporarily closed. But that doesn't mean you are shut off from your accounts.

laptopOur goal as a credit union is to make sure we meet the needs of our members, even during times of crisis. Digital banking offers our members the ability to stay connected even during these extraordinary circumstances.

There are several options available for digital banking that will give you control and access to your accounts without having to visit a branch in person. Some of these include:

Online banking: This gives you access to your accounts on any computer. You can safely and securely track and manage all your accounts, loans, CDs and IRAs from one page. Signing up is easy, and you can create your own unique user identification and password.
Online bill pay: Save time and money with this quick way to pay all your bills. You can schedule payments to each of your accounts and see a list of upcoming bills from your online banking page. Don't buy another stamp – take care of your bills with one click.
Mobile banking: The power of your account is in the palm of your hand with mobile banking. Check your balances, transfer funds, view your account history and more with a mobile app. The Apple Touch ID capability makes logging in even safer.
Mobile deposits: Instead of swinging by a branch to deposit checks, you can now do it from your phone with a simple tap and snap. Open the mobile banking app, take a picture of the front and back of your check and select which account you’d like to deposit it into. Done!

Credit union members now have the ability to access the everyday functions of a financial institution online, but some are worried about the security of their money and whether it could be affected by the unprecedented events taking place around the world.

One benefit of a committed, caring credit union is that keeping your money there is one of the safest financial options possible. Each member's account is insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund, and Oklahoma Central offers excess share insurance for another layer of protection.

These are trying and stressful times, but you can have some solace in the fact that you can still access all of your banking accounts remotely. Members can have peace of mind knowing that credit unions will always put their members first. Digital banking is an easy and secure way to continue to make your financial transactions, even during this unique situation.

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